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Stratigraphic range: Lower Cretaceous
Kinds of fossils: Mollusks
Quadrangle or area: Porcupine - Kandik, Alaska
Shipment No.: A-60-7M, A-60-9M
Referred by: Brabb, Earl E.
Report prepared by: Jones, David L.
Date: 02/08/1961

Brief statement of problem and remarks (from collector):
We need stratigaphic control in a previously unmapped area.

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60ABa 791 (Mesozoic loc. M1021) , Charley River , West bank Kandik River about 3 1/2 miles west of U. S. - Canadian border.
60ABa 797 (Mesozoic loc. M1022) , Charley River , West bank of Kandik River, about 2 miles upstream from mouth of Big Sitdown Cr.
Buchia cf. B. crassicollis
60ABa 1206 (Mesozoic loc. M1023) , Charley River , East bank of Woodchopper Creek about 1 mile, airline, south of mouth.
Buchia sp. indeter.
60ABa 1211 (Mesozoic loc. M1024) , Charley River , About 0.7 mile downstream from mouth of Gleen Creek. Inoceramus scraps - 8" long specimen reported but not collected. Loc. [Kindle's]3783, located on south bank of Yukon River 400 yards below Glenn Creek. Yielded a possible Middle Jurassic fauna.[Brabb's hand written notes 2/5/81, crossed out "possible Middle Jurassic fauna" and wrote "No" under the line. - noted by Ning Zhang].
Inoceramus sp.
60ABa 1203 (Mesozoic loc. M1025) , Charley River , Jurassic(?) limestone; fossil found in float at base of limestone slope on west side of the Woodchopper Creek valley.
Inoceramus sp.
60ABa 552 (Mesozoic loc. M1026) , Charley River , West bank of Nation River. Fossils from massive Kandik(?) mudstone.
Polyptychites sp.
Buchia cf. B. crassicollis
60ABa 553 (Mesozoic loc. M1027) , Charley River , West bank of Nation River. Fossils from concretions in Kandik(?) shale.
Buchia cf. B. crassicollis